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7 Reasons Social Media Marketing Builds Businesses

With some entrepreneurs, when the phrase "social media marketing" is mentioned, they perceive it at as bright and flashy trend that is a powerful leveraging platform. And yet to others, the phrase holds no real value just a new completely useless tool that technological advances have presented the business world. It is commonly mistaken that social media is but a fleeting concept and not to be taken seriously in the arena of marketing because it is deemed profitless. However, numbers don't lie and they paint quite a different story.

5 Must Have Tools for Busy Mommy Authors

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Many authors today have demanding careers outside of their writing as well a family to tend too.  My home is no different.  But just like you I had a goal of completing my book and launch products and I was determined to meet it.  So how did I find the time?  A word of caution  is advised before we move on. You are now entering the “No Excuse Zone”.

Who are you? Lessons from the Tipping Point

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A few years ago I read the book “The Tipping point “by Malcolm Gladwell. It changed my life forever. In this book Malcolm describes the three types of people in the marketplace – the Salesperson, the Connector and the Maven.  Before we go on please allow me a few minutes to describe each of these characters:

7 Keys to identifying a Powerful Network

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We have all heard how important it is to network and engaging in powerful collaboration. But research has shown that women are not excelling at this task like our men counterparts. Yes, many of us are going to events and connecting with others however it is not leading to more prosperous ventures.

5 Tips to define the Soul of Your Brand

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I've worked with many marketing coaches over the years and they all delivered on giving me great advice on identifying my bold brand promises for what ever product or service I had at the time. But the one thing that neither of them could source out was the soul of my company.

Elevate Me Chronicles Featuring Moriah Morningstar

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Each Elevate Me! Chronicle is special but I have to admit , as I prepare to speak with Moriah Morningstar this beautiful morning this interview brings everything full circle for me. Moriah was one of the biggest inspirations for creating the ElevateMe! platform. It was through conversations with Moriah and her decision to accept the call that Elevate Me! 90 Mastermind was born.

Elevate Me Chronicles Featuring Katherine Waddell

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As I started my drive to Washington D.C. I received a phone call from Katherine Waddell. She was checking on me to make sure I was safe on the road. I had missed my flight earlier that day and I was set to present a meditation  class at a conference in the morning. Rather than miss my class I opted to drive to one of my favorite conferences , The BeBlogalicious.

Elevate Me Chronicles Featuring Thea Camara

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On this brisk sunny day, I caught up with Thea Camara on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. She was preparing for her Red Carpet premiere of the Spike Lee’s new movie “Chiraq”. She invited me along for some power shopping in the beautiful stores on Michigan avenue.

Elevate Me Chronicles Featuring Crystal Dyer

As I sit watching the whistling wind outside the glass doors I am keenly aware that the sun is about to come out. True enough Crystal walks in and the whole room lights up. Crystal illuminates joy and today is no different. As we greet each other with hugs, we settle in for a great conversation. My friend Crystal Dyer shares some insight on aging well, trusting God and her new business adventure.