5 Tips to define the Soul of Your Brand

by Melisa Alaba February 13th, 2017 0 comments

I've worked with many marketing coaches over the years and they all delivered on giving me great advice on identifying my bold brand promises for whatever product or service I had at the time. But the one thing that neither of them could source out was the sool of my company.

You see before you can jump to identifying your target market, create logos or design your website you must understand the heart and sool of your company or product. Because it's the small things that will ultimately make the difference in who your company is and how it's viewed by the world.

Think about McDonald's compared to Chick-fil-a or Apple compared to Microsoft. Although their companies may produce similar items we have different thoughts about who the company actually represents based on our experiences with the brands. When someone comes in contact with your business what experience are they left with? How do you differ from your competition? What makes you stand out?

Here are few items to consider before the logos are created and the business cards are designed.

  1. Take time to understand what makes your company stand out from others in your industry. Then stand firmly in that difference.
  2. Niche down early. Deciding to serve the few rather than everyone will draw the right clients and buyers to you.
  3. Release fear. Don't be afraid to be different or build slowly. Popularity is not everything in a sustainable business. Sometimes taking off slowly will allow you to set a firm foundation that builds over time.
  4. Get crystal clear. Understand the why of every element of your business. Always have your purpose and mission in the forefront of every decision from color schemes, events to the materials that you use for packaging.
  5. Build a team. Understanding your vision will allow you to draw team member who also get it and love it. If you are not clear on the dream they will not be either.

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Wishing you Joy and Purpose,

Melisa Alaba

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