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We have all heard how important it is to network and engaging in powerful collaboration. But research has shown that women are not excelling at this task like our men counterparts. Yes, many of us are going to events and connecting with others however it is not leading to more prosperous ventures. No worries I’ll share my insights on how to build a network that will propel you into making powerful leaps in your business and personal aspirations. Here are 7 clues that will you evaluate your current networking communities and figure out how to network better.

  1. Your network sends you referrals and you easily refer to members in your network.

  2. Your network is current on the latest innovations and best practices happening in the world.

  3. When you have an issue, you know you can rely on your network to support you. Example: moms’ group (moms support you during a crisis or in a time of need), business group (someone can refer you to the right person or help you come up with a solution to a problem you have).

  4. The members are growth-oriented, expect the best from themselves, and hold you accountable for your actions. You see momentum from year to year.

  5. Members support you when you start a new venture, celebrate a milestone, or achieve some notable recognition.

  6. Your network has national and global connections. Is there a conference you would like to speak at in Texas? Vendor in India? Your network is there to support your growth.

  7. Your network inspires you to be healthy, spiritual and well-balanced as a person. Being amongst healthy individuals is one of the leading contributors to living a long life.

If you don’t receive at least three of these keys from your network it may be time to move on.

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