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As I sit watching the whistling wind outside the glass doors I am keenly aware that the sun is about to come out. True enough Crystal walks in and the whole room lights up. Crystal illuminates joy and today is no different. As we greet each other with hugs, we settle in for a great conversation. My friend Crystal Dyer shares some insight on aging well, trusting God and her new business adventure. Listen in on our conversation:

Melisa: When did you know that a career in travel was meant for you?

Crystal:  I knew a career in travel was perfect for me when a co-worker at my employer suggested to me I change careers because all I do daily is give travel advise and plan my myself. That was in December of 1998. A few months later I enrolled in a travel agent certification program. In 1999, Gone Again Travel and Tours opened for business.

Melisa: So many people think it is too late to follow their dreams. What keeps you following your dreams and setting new goals? 

Crystal: Life for me is about making each day “unbelievable” outperforming the day before with increased joy. Age is what we decide it means and has never been defined by someone else. I made a decision as a youth that I would carry the same amazing joy I see in a child’s eyes when they dance in the snow. As an adult, we stand frozen by the cold but a child does not feel it, they feel warmth and happiness. That’s what I feel and see each morning that I open my eyes with thanks to the almighty universe of power for granting me this amazing opportunity to rise with the sun.

Melisa:  In many of your travel photos you are seen lounging on a beach and posing in swimwear. You always seem so confident in yourself. Where did that sense of being comfortable in your own skin come from? 

Crystal: As a child, I learned and took to heart the phrase that “God don’t make mistakes”! My weight has spanned from 100-300 in my adult life but I always kept in my mind’s eye that what I speak can be a blessing or a curse on my own life. I wake up with “I love you girl” to myself every day and it’s infectious like a magnet and attaches to others souls. I’ve had strangers walk up to me on the street and say ” you go girl”! That lets me know I’ve accomplished my goal for myself and also shining my light into someone else’s soul.

Melisa: Crystal it has been a pleasure to see your vision become clear. How has coaching enhanced your vision? 

Crystal: Well, I went to the conference in Atlanta and Melisa Alaba there you were [with] amazing positive energy [and] guidance.  I knew you and I together could bring out the vision clearly. The force of positive visions colliding to open up my locked drawers creating the WOW which equaled OMG Amazing! I have a simple mantra I will speak out loud to the almighty which is simply; God, I know what you want me to do is already here, I just can’t see it yet. Thanks for being a light.

Melisa: What projects are you currently working on and what is exciting you about life now? 

Crystal: I’m very excited about opening my first Gone Again Travel & Tours store in Chicago. I’ve been a virtual agency for 16 years with thousands of energized new friends that started as my customers. I’ve also incorporated a non-profit Chicago Austin Travel Services, Inc., that helps youth explore travel.

Melisa: How do you balance relaxation and work? How will having a business built on a freedom help you to achieve your goals?

Crystal:  I’ve always believed that exercise is my friend. It helps increase the endorphin’s in your brain to break down fatigue, depression and open up energy and circulation. That’s my secret weapon and also vacation every quarter. Even when I worked in corporate America I used my vacation time to take a break from the madness. Being an entrepreneur has enabled me to share with the world that a vacation clear’s your mind: garbage out, calmness in! We create the life we desire and as the owner of Gone Again Travel & Tours, I provide powerful solutions to fit your all your needs.

Melisa: Wow, your wisdom is so powerful. I am already bathing myself in “ I Love You Girl”. 

Thanks so much for sharing your story with our audience. May you all be inspired to dream bigger dreams and to love yourself every day. Learn more about Crystal at You can also connect with Crystal on Facebook.

Wishing you Love and Beauty,
Melisa Alaba

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