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As I started my drive to Washington D.C. I received a phone call from Katherine Waddell. She was checking on me to make sure I was safe on the road. I had missed my flight earlier that day and I was set to present a meditation  class at a conference in the morning. Rather than miss my class I opted to drive to one of my favorite conferences , The BeBlogalicious.

True to Katherine’s nature she was looking out for me and making sure I was taking rest breaks . Katherine Waddell has been in the radio and media industry for years. She has helped elevate the status of authors, entrepreneurs, coaches and organizations. But today Katherine was being a friend. I will never forget how she talked me through the drive and then once I arrived helped me to set up for my class that literally started 20 minutes after I arrived at the conference site. Over breakfast, I sat down with Katherine to find out what drives her and keeps her enjoying life.

Join me as this media mogul delivers on her promise to always be authentic and real.

1. What does it feel like to do what you love everyday?

It is totally liberating. It allows me to live the example that I’ve told my children to choose for themselves. My passion is to educate, which means to pull out of a person what is already in them. The joy of tapping in to people and helping them to discover their truth is what makes my world go around. The most rewarding thing is when I see a person’s face light up and they say, “I never looked at it that way”. When I hear that I know I have done my job. What forced me to commit to living my dream each and everyday was when my children challenged me by saying, “Why should we believe that you want us to live our dream when you are going to a job each day?” That was an eye opening conversation for me and from that point on I could not continue to live a lie.

 2. When did the Radio bug hit you?

The Radio bug hit me 6 years ago by accident. I had never used my voice to convey what I felt like needed to be said before then. Someone suggested it to me one day and the rest is history. Writing had been my way of expressing myself. On top of that I have not dreamed of speaking my mind to anyone but my friends and loved ones. From the first time I opened the microphone with team of commentators talking on every issue that affects your life my world has been different. It seems like second nature now to express myself verbally and the audience that we have grown to over 100,000 listens expects us to show up and not hold anything back. It is incredible to have stumbled into this opportunity that now supports me financially. On top of that I get to talk about what, in my opinion needs to be said, which has given others permission to do the same.

3. What have been the 3 keys to developing your business into the empire that it is now?

Being a part of Elevate Me 90 mastermind group has been very instrumental in moving me forward in my business. It has given me a new tribe of women to collaborate and grow with. Building is an adventure. You do not know all the answers upfront, but when you trust the process you always win. Being passionate. I have to feel what I am involving myself in and when the business idea ‘feels’ right then I know I am in the right place. This pushes me through the times I want to call it quits. (which only happens in my head) Talent helps, but passion seals the deal. Having mental toughness is a key to success. There are gonna be parts of your journey where you will have to go it alone and other times you have to cut away dead weight. Cutting away dead weight could mean separating from a romantic partner, a close friend, or a blood relative. This is an emotional process and without mental toughness you will allow those emotions to hold you back from the future that is designed for you. I have had to distance myself from those who were not helping me reach my goals. Some people you can love better from a distance, truly.

4. What has scared you the most as an entrepreneurs?
Failing have been my biggest fear. I did not want anyone to be right about how wrong it was for me to have left a security job. Let me be clear about failing, I am not afraid of making mistakes. I make them on a daily basis because I tend to jump right in the pool on the deep end then learn how not to drown. It has been to my benefit because if I stop to think about things I will not take action.

Another fear is looking like I am all over the place and not able to finish what I start. I never want anyone to say those things to me so I strive to be focused. However, being an entrepreneur there are so many problems out there that need my fabulous solutions. Katherine laughs as she leans in as if she is sharing a secret.
5. What do you do  for fun? Celebrate your success? 
I enjoy going to the movies and popcorn mixed with goobers while crying.This may sound crazy, but those who know me know I will pay the movie ticket price on opening weekend so that I can cry freely before anyone else can tell me about a film. If a film can make me cry they deserve for me to pay full price. I take my movies serious. I celebrate my success with a nice glass of wine and a nice long drive to the beach. Not at the same time of course. I believe in vacations. I have taken myself on monthly mini vacations for the past 2 years. That was my goal so I made it happen. I don’t always take someone along, so my family whines a little when I use that as my me time.
Katherine continues as she turns to talk about her family. Each week my family is required to share one thing they want to celebrate. So we have to have at least one good thing to celebrate. It forces our minds to be grateful on those tough weeks, but it’s worth it.
6. What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom means being able to do what most people can’t. Freedom means being able to choose for myself and not have someone else choosing for me like a boss would. You know, telling when you can be off and when to return to work. No more depending on validation from anyone outside of myself. Freedom means power of me. When you don’t have it, you feel powerless and that makes for a miserable existence.

One thing I know for sure is Katherine is one of the hardest working women I know in Media. She is dedicated to ensuring that her clients get the attention that they deserve. Follow Katherine at to learn more about her.
Elevate Me! 90 is pleased to announce that Katherine Waddell will share many of her trade secrets in the series. Join us today to learn all she has to offer.
Until next time Beautiful,

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