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Each Elevate Me! Chronicle is special but I have to admit , as I prepare to speak with Moriah Morningstar this beautiful morning this interview brings everything full circle for me. Moriah was one of the biggest inspirations for creating the ElevateMe! platform. It was through conversations with Moriah and her decision to accept the call that Elevate Me! 90 Mastermind was born.  Moriah and I have know each other for years in a professional capacity. She is has become my go to person for design work that brings out the purpose in my business concepts. She was the talent I called upon to create the branding for Women Entrepreneurs Rock ( an organization I co-founded) and for my personal brands.

As usual, Moriah arrives early with a bright quiet smile. We decided to meet for a walk on my favorite trail on the Chattohouche River in Georgia.  As usual, Moriah arrives early with a tranquail quiet spirit. Moriah has an energy that elevates you just by being in her presence. She seems to just get what you are talking about even when you don’t have the words to explain. Moriah is known for being your ace behind the scenes and doesn’t like to take center stage. So you know this was huge for me to bring this Moriningstar out so everyone could get a taste of her giftings.  Follow our interview as Moriah opens up about her life and business.

1. What does it feel like to be in control of your time as an Entrepreneur? What has that meant as a parent? How did you know it was time to leave corporate America and where did you find the courage to do it?  Being an Entrepreneur is freedom for me. Freedom to create my own schedule. Freedom to decide how much I want to earn. Freedom to pursue my interests and creatively incorporate them into my business. Freedom from guilt..yes, guilt. I knew it was time to leave corporate America when I was fed up with feeling guilty about not being a Mom who’s there when it matters. I was working 70+ hours a week with barely any flexibility. I missed so many important moments because I was at work. The little bit of quality time I tried to squeeze in with my family was often disrupted by phone calls from work. It takes a lot of courage to leave a steady paycheck for the unknown but when you are fed up with spending your 200% on fueling someone else’s vision while only regarded as a generic employee, you have no choice. At least that’s how I felt and I haven’t looked back since.

2. You have become the go to person for corporations, movie productions and entrepreneurs. When did you know you had something special that separated you from other graphic artists.  I’ve always been thoughtful and caring which applies to how I do business. I want the artwork I create to progress the recipient. That should be every designer’s goal. I think what separates me from other graphic artist is how much care about the people I work with. I get into them, and let them inspire me. I believe the level of authentic attention impresses those I design for along with the actual designs. I accomplished the level of business I do now through enthusiastic referrals. I started out designing one off logos, business cards and flyers. Now I’m creating soul purpose concepts for entire marketing campaigns, event campaigns, movie productions and brand identities for major endeavors. I got to work on the rebranding for Marriott. I created the commercial artwork and signage for Ripken Stadium. I worked on the marketing team for the movie Zodiac Sign by Chris Nolan/Nferno Productions, which was an honor. I take care of all design and identity for Fearless Artist Media, plus work closely with the founder on operations, including production of their annual gallery at Art Basel, Miami. I’ve been blessed to go from business cards for used car sales to huge projects because I care

3.What has been the 3 keys to developing your business into the empire that it is now? Quality comes first. The old saying is, “Quality, Cost, Speed; pick 2.” My order of priority is 1) The design must be of the highest quality. 2) The design must be completed within the timeframe to meet the Client’s goals. 3) The cost must be fair. I have received hundreds of referrals and testimonials because I run my business this way. Finding out the whole story. Before I can design for someone, I want to know their vision, intimately. By learning the goals AND the person behind them, in a way, I become them while I create their artwork. Pursuit and Maintenance of high level peer support. There is no way I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mentors over the years. Even with what I learned from mentors, I hit a “ceiling” where I thought I had reached the limit of my capability. The best choice I’ve made for my business and for mySELF was to join and participate in a high level mastermind. By being surrounded by a team of go getters with diverse knowledge and experience, I stretched, grew and pushed past the comfort zone that had plateaued my business and launched into a whole new arena. Mentors helped, the Mastermind changed my life.

4. You are all about the soul and purpose. How do you choose which clients you will work with? Your clients come to you over and over again how did you develop a client list that is always full? I never cared for the word “Client.” I view the people I work with as Co-creators. My Co-creators are people whose goals are aligned with their soul purpose. I agree to work with someone if I’m inspired creatively by their vision. It’s more spiritual than technical. Someone may need my creative help with their marketing visuals and I am listening to their life goals as much as their business goals. It’s not even how major the brand or the project might be. I love to work with people who have a strong, moral vision and want to contribute something positive.  Fortunately, I don’t get approached often with projects I have to turn down for moral reasons! I believe God knows my desire is aligned with His and has a hand in who wants to work with me. I am grateful for my gifts. I use my gifts to help others use their gifts. This is a natural process. It is a smooth, seamless flow. That’s how I wish all business was handled. And that’s why I’m trusted with project after project. Once we co-create something and you find the relationship and process refreshing as well as successful you stick with that.

5.What is your regular spiritual practice?  Stay grounded in the midst of so much success? I praise and pray to God. Because it is God’s love and grace that allows me everything I have. I meditate so I can “hear” His guidance. I like to go down to the lake and get quiet. I listen to the waves and let my thoughts simplify with the rhythm. I ask God to bless my mind and mouth with clarity and wisdom, to bless my heart with His presence and to bless my hands to create using His gifts the way He intends and for the people He sends me.

6. What spiritual practices do you practice that gives you life? and what do you do to stay in the moment. Quiet time with God always rejuvenates me. If and when I lose focus or am unsure about how to proceed, I take a time-out to pray and get quiet. Being an entrepreneur can be scary, confusing and downright stressful when I lose touch with God. Taking time to get back in touch with Him brings me back to the mental place I operate best from.

Moriah is truly a blessing to everyone she works with. She is considered by many a Soul Purpose designer because she takes your concepts and turns them into gold. Learn how to work with Moriah at .
Elevate Me! 90 is pleased to announce that Moriah Morningstar will share many of her business sucess secrets in the series. Join us today to learn all she has to offer.
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