EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Lisa Washington

Lisa is one of those rare souls that immediately put you at ease. Always beautiful, elegant and down to earth. Lisa is an Atlanta treasure and we love her at the Eliza Mary Global Network
Lisa Washington is the creator of B’Tyli Natural Skin Therapies and a top chef. Lisa believes that we should nourish our bodies with good food and products that enhance our beauty.
We had an opportunity to catch up over warm tea. Listen in as Lisa shares some insights from her life journey.
Melisa: What has been a life defining moment for you?
Lisa Washington: One of the most life defining moments for me is finding out that my kidney disease had gotten to a place where I had to be on dialysis and have a kidney transplant. I had to decide how I wanted to live my life,  as a woman dying or as a woman living her best life. My decision was if I breathe today, I will live today, fully, and go after it all. 
Melisa: What makes your beauty products special? 
Lisa: They came from my motherly need to heal my son from painful eczema. They are organic, and we only use teas, herbs, minerals and vitamins in the product. Many of the natural and organic products around are not focusing on anti aging, but moisturizing the skin only. Our products go deeper, they are in med spas, helping people’s skin to rejuvenate from med spa procedures, which in turn helps with some major skin care concerns they may have. 
Melisa: Where can we find them? 
Lisa: You can find the products online at OpenSky, as well as at the B’Tyli Natural Skin Therapies store at Laser Lights Med Spa in Johns Creek. 
Melisa: Who has been the most influential in helping you grow your brand? 
Lisa: My grandmother for starters, but I have had so many incredible people in my life to help this brand grow. My husband, Joseph Washington, my Financial Advisor, Paula Brightwell, my Publicist and PR guru, April Love, my ride-or-die Creative Marketing Director, Kristina Millsaps, just to name a few key players.
Melisa: If you had a super power what would it be? 
Lisa: My super power would be to open up peoples minds to the reality that life is created by what we believe it to be, and flying would be really cool. 
Melisa: What does Real Women, Real Business, Real Life mean to you? 
Lisa: Honesty about what success means to you. Living out your dreams within your reality and not anyone else’s. Putting God, Health, Marriage, and Family first. Balance. Balance. Balance. 
Melisa: What are some exciting things happening in your business now and how can we stay in contact with you? 
Lisa: We are excited to celebrate 10 years at B'Tyli Natural Skin Therapies. on November 11, 2017.  We also have our next  Farm to Table Fall dinner party in September 2017.  Lastly, you can find me doing cooking demo's at William Sonoma this fall. For more information about Lisa and to order from her skin care line visit: http://www.btyliwellnessandbeauty.com
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