Grow Your Blog Pt. 1

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by Chloe August 24th, 2017 0 comments
I had the great pleasure of reading you ladies concern in the EMGN community on Facebook. Business owners from all walks of life coming together as sisters to grow together. The reoccurring theme was the interest of growing your blogs. 
Growing your blog is based on strategy and the objective is not only to increase traffic but also to have returning readers. First off, to get people to your blog you have to expand your reach; essentially you are driving tons of targeted traffic.
So today, I wanted to talk to you ladies about how you can grow your blog fast! 


You have to network with other bloggers. The territory may be new to you because maybe you just have a blog on your website, but writing isn't generally something you do. As a reminder, what ever aspect you apply to your business as business owners, you take on all that comes with it. So start cultivating strong relationships with fellow bloggers. They will give you tips for your own blog and they are more likely to share your content to their audience because you have made an effort to create a strong bond. 

Where to Start: 

Join active forums and social media groups of bloggers and start engaging. This looks like sharing their content or posting a comment. Leaving helpful or witty comments gets the attention of the author. Becoming very active in that community will help you connect with other bloggers.
DON'T forget to respect the process.

Become a Contributor. 

Being a guest contributor on a major blog in your niche is probably the most defining moment for your blog. It is imperative that it is approached with strategy.

Where to Start:

You first want to identify who is the major player in your niche. You want someone with a very active audience and social media. Most blogs will tell you how many views, and the different shares on various social media platforms. This is a great indicator because numbers don't lie! Locate the owner of the blog and get to know them. Like I said before, cultivate a relationship with them. Then you want to pitch them your ideas and inform them how you can help. Don't hold back with the content, we generally want to keep the best stuff for ourselves, but it's best to show your best work. That way you can become a return guest blogger. When the post goes live promote it like it's your own and respond to the comments even if the owner doesn't.  
DON'T forget to build that email list. Create an opt in page and put the link in your author's bio.

Quality Content.

You have to post what your audience wants to read. I, myself, am learning this. You may have great verbiage and be an excellent writer, but if the topic or approach is off people won't come back to read your next blog post.


Where to Start:  

No need to reinvent the wheel, there are millions of people in your field, so leverage what they are successfully doing. Look for trendy topics and write about them. Stay on top of trendy topics via Google Alert or Talkwalker Alerts. Both are free services that give you a heads up on the newest trends that are breaking the horizon. BuzzSumo is a great source if you want to find out what content is getting the most engagement on social media platforms. Take the topics you find and give it your own spin.
DON'T forget to be consistent. Consistency is how you build your return reader's list.
Growing your blog can feel tedious, but with a strategy and an objective, you can grow it faster. This was the first installment of our Grow Your Blog series. If you aren't currently following EMGN and our community on Facebook, please do. I would love to see what my sisters need from me and tailor make content to meet those needs
Cheers && Harmony
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