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In your entrepreneurship, you will have a wide variety of clients. Some will be small and simple, others will be bigger and require hard work, but then there will be the clients bigger than your wildest imagination. Of course, you want to close the deal, but are you ready for them if and when they approach you? 

How do you land your first major client?

First, you want to make sure you know who you are dealing with. Research the client until you completely know their business, strategies, and can predict their future moves. Keep in mind that though this is your first major client, the meeting isn't about you. Your success is contingent on theirs. If you ever blur these lines, you've already lost the deal.
Secondly, flaw out their current way of doing business. Show them the areas they can improve in and present your product and service as the solution. 
Next, you want to find the decision maker. In your meeting with this major client, isolate who makes the final decision and customize your pitch to them. Express your enthusiasm. Having a genuine excitement for working on their project gives them the lasting impression that you will handle their project as though it was your own.  Also, who knows how many other business owners this major client is vetting, so give them something to remember.
Play hard to get because people want what they can't have. Clients are not above this. The emphasis should be that you are looking for a working relationship with the right client. You refuse to work with just any client. You'll go from pitching to your client, to them pitching to you. 
Major clients move a lot slower than the smaller businesses you may be used to. The two don't share the same urgency so prepared to be personal. Major clients want to know the inner working of not only your business but your life when making their decision. So invite them out to eat or drink and be prepared to talk about anything.
Lastly, don't forget your body language. We always put a lot of time into the visual and verbal aspect of our pitch and denote that nonverbal communication. Despite the fact of knowing that 80% of all communication is nonverbal. Can't win your deal looking at the ground and fidgeting with your clothes; stand tall, give eye contact, and never forget to smile. 
When you land your major deal, you'll see that everybody has a formula in which can guarantee you success. When you rid yourself from fearing the magnitude of the potential client and focus on what unique solution you have to offer instead, anything is possible.
So remember: 
Work begins before the meeting. It is just as imperative. Sending material prior to the meeting, and knowing all you can about the person and the company gives you a way to perfect your pitch.
Never sell yourself short.  You have to commit to the work, so be committed to the price, or you'll end up regretting the deal. 
Be Yourself. You may be fearful, you are too young or lack the experience the company needs. This is not the time to put on a facade as though you do. This will more than likely backfire. Your youth or fresh perspective may be just what they needed. The worse they can say is no.  
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