No Money For Your Start Up? Three Reason That's Not an Excuse.

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It can seem like that start up of yours is unobtainable because you lack the funds to invest in...well, anything. Not everyone has the luxury of having a 1 million dollar loan from their parents for their startup, like our president, but I am here to tell you, that is no excuse. Having investors, inheritance, or hitting the lottery makes starting a business easier, but the lack of money is not an excuse to not start. 
You may face some limitation with your budget but never with your innovation, and if you have a quality product and/or service, the work ethic to match, and are willing to learn some marketing then the only thing stopping you is that mentality. 
Here are a few brands that had no money for their startup, and didn't accept it as an excuse:




Harley Davidson



Yankee Candle 

The article, 6 Incredible Companies That Started in a Garage, shares the backstory of our favorite brands. I get that you have no money for your startup, but here are 3 reasons why that's not an excuse. 

1. Bartering

So you aren't the only one out here who's budget could use some improvisation, and just like customers, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs need your services. Exchanging services with these individuals will alleviate a lot of burden off your bottom line. Ask your realtor friend to hand out your business cards in exchange for you doing their promotional graphics. Ask your English major graduate sister to contribute articles on your site in exchange for babysitting her kids. There are so many endless ways to get started. 

2. Upfront Payment

Work it to where you can get paid upfront. Gets some money in your pocket immediately, still delivering a quality product and service to your consumer but with the ability to immediately invest those funds back into your business. You can do 20-60% upfront and collect the rest upon delivery.  I recommend anything below 50% to be non-refundable. Make sure you also include penalties for late payments. Late payments will suck the life out of your business, implement 15-30% interest for every month you don't receive your paid invoice. Stay reasonable, but don't sacrifice your business.

3. Partner Up

You don't have to walk this journey alone. A variety of successful startups had two or more founders. Partner up with someone you trust, as business relationships require the same level of commitment as marriage.  Your potential co-founder could be anyone from family and friends to past co-workers to customers. Maybe one of you writes and the other does photography, your options would be, create an online blog, an event's production team, or compile an amazing book with beautiful imagery to sell. You are only limited by your imagination. All tasks, finances, etc are split, which will lift that overwhelming feeling off your shoulders. 
Listed below are a few startups to consider if you have no money.
1. Affiliate marketing - Work with familiar brands and make a percentage off your sales. This works well with sites, social media, online stores, really anywhere you can paste your unique URL. 
2.Yogi -Start with one-on-one sessions, and then graduate to classes. All you really need is to post some ads out there. 
3. Babysitting - Are you good with kids? Teenagers aren't the only ones who should capitalize off babysitting. Promote yourself as an Au Pair or Nanny and receive top dollars from a refined clientele. 
4.  Event planner - If you have an eye for details and are insanely organized this may be your best route. You can plan anything from parties to weddings. Get paid to have fun!
5. Admissions essay editor - If you love writing, editing admission essays is easy money. Just make sure to stress to your clients you are editing, not writing the paper.
6. Virtual assistant – Businesses will outsource tasks to you like follow up emails or setting up appointments. All you need to start is your pitch.  
7. Teach English - I mean, you are an English speaker. So brush up on those grammar and conjugating skills and have a business focused around helping people learn to fluently speak English. 
8. Remote Customer Care - Instead of paying the pricey cost of call centers, businesses have turned to remote customer care to handle customer's inquiries and concerns. Target small businesses in your marketing. 
9.Stock photographer - You can literally take a picture of anything and sell it. In the online world, you can't just download anyone's picture and utilize it for your own profits. Stock photographers aid businesses by creating the imagery for their brand. 
10. Proofreading - Because who really has time to proofread? You'd be surprised who is willing to pay someone else to do it. That's where you come in.
11. Personal Shopper - Get paid to go shopping.
12.Dog walking - Spend the day walking furbabies for your busy clients. 
13. Mobile Hairstylist / Makeup Artist -  People pay for convenience, so sharpen those contour and cutting skills.
With so many businesses that require nothing but time to get started, money is no excuse on why you can't get that startup up and running. 
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