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by Chloe April 21st, 2017 0 comments
So I'm definitely about to 'Sister of the Traveling Pants' you except we'll substitute traveling pants for technological era. Being that I am your sister, I feel a certain obligation to aid your entrepreneurial and business growth. Though I don't have pants to give you, what I do have is the knowledge that I have gained through my years of marketing. This desire to share what I've learned birthed the social sister; which simply are tips, tricks, and updates on why social media and your business goes hand in hand. I've seen countless cases where people work on the application of social media, but they don't understand why or what social media does. 
Before I get into the heavy details on creating accounts, building notoriety, and the fun facts I thought we'd start this series with Eliza Mary Global Network and its social component. We can all agree that marketing is essential to our brands and businesses, it's our lifeline, but in this technological era the social element has created a new culture of consumers. Social media has done a great of captivating consumers and creating conversions, however, what is so unique about EMGN is that it takes the social and adds a developmental aspect i.e. becoming your best self as you network. 
Eliza Mary Global Network before anything else is a sisterhood. Women of color opening their hearts and sharing their legacy to facilitate an environment where we redefine the way women connect. Our events, seminars, retreats and meeting-of-the-minds attitude not only expands your network, but gives you a deeper understanding of the women behind the profile pictures.  As we cultivate you into world class leaders and business owners, we are committed to economic empowerment and giving you the critical tools to create the life you deserve. So not only do you find the people you are looking for or who are looking for you, you have the ability unify to create empires that make a significant impact in our communities, local and global alike.   
We get that you are real women living real lives and because of that we are our sister's keeper. And just like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we share with our sisters to elevate our sisters. It is my pleasure to allow my sisters to leverage my knowledge to grow and learn their life's purpose. 
If you aren't a member yet, join our sisterhood today. We look forward to having you! 
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Chloe Hughes is the editor at Eliza Mary Global Network, a network that connects women of color entrepreneurs and business leaders globally. She is a Content Creator at who helps her clients color their dreams real through her writing, design, and photography skills. She is a vegan fattie who loves to go hiking with her two dogs, You can connect with Chloe at Learn more about the Eliza Mary Global Network at