The Social Sister: 9 Practices on Effectively Using LinkedIn

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by Chloe August 28th, 2017 0 comments
LinkedIn is an essential resource for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to grow their network and reach potential customers. It has become one of the most used platforms by business owners to meet their unique demographics.
Here are the best practices for entrepreneurs on LinkedIn: 

1. Unique URL

LinkedIn automates unique URLs to all new users profile. It is a mixed of characters and numbers that can turn off potential customers. So if you haven’t done so, claim your name and company name and then edit your URL to read your actual name.

2. Complete your profile. 

You have a profile, you should complete it. This is your introduction to potential customers and competitors in your industry. An unfinished profile speaks volumes about your work ethic. So set time aside and complete you and your company's profile.

3. Start With Who You Know.

If you are not sure who to make connections with, start with family, friends, and colleagues. LinkedIn honestly will prevent you from spam adding people if they aren't responsive to your connection request. So stick to who you know or risk having your account deactivated.

4. Share 

Each one, teach one. Make sure if you have employees or business partners you combine efforts and orchestrate strategy. More people working on a distinct goal goes a long way.

5. Backlinking

So if you are unclear, backlinking is essentially utilizing hyperlinks to drive traffic back to a specific site. LinkedIn has 3 places you can utilize backlinking which can help Google index you, increasing your rank in the search engine. Capitalize off this!! 
Also, a tip to effectively increase your LinkedIn connections is to use the backlinking approach in your email. Make your unique LinkedIn URL a part of your signature and remind people to connect with you on the platform. 

6. Give to Receive. 

In the era of social media, it is all about the likes, shares, comments, and etc. I suggest that you willingly give out recommendations to other business owners. Whether you use them for a financial service, they are an old friend or even a customer. Find them and give a personal unrequested recommendation. This extra step will increase not only people's awareness of you and your company, but friendship, integrity, and loyalty. And you'll notice the more you give out the more you'll receive. It's like an online pay it forward system, essentially. 

7. Effectively Target Search

When you are prospecting, search your targeted keywords to get the exact title of people and industry of companies. If you are currently using LinkedIn Premium service you are able to see more profiles when you search. So invest, the service pays for itself. 


8. Make Sure to Follow Your Customers

When utilizing the LinkedIn company accounts feature, make sure all your company's information is updated and then follow your customers. Making these connections actually enables your customers to see that you're active in their news feeds. This is a powerful tip, especially if you are trying to cultivate returning customers and referrals. 

9. Skip the SPAM!

Consumers are tired of being barraged with spam. They deal with harassing phone calls, direct messaging, email, predictive dialing, email scraping, and even marketers buying their contact. LinkedIn is no different. It's understandable that you want a high conversion rate, but there are more creative avenues to take. You'll end up either reported, black listed, or turning off a potential client. 
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