Who are you? Lessons from the Tipping Point

by Melisa Alaba February 16th, 2017 0 comments

A few years ago I read the book “The Tipping point “by Malcolm Gladwell. It changed my life forever. In this book Malcolm describes the three types of people in the marketplace – the Salesperson, the Connector and the Maven.  Before we go on please allow me a few minutes to describe each of these characters:

The Salesperson has the natural ability to sell anything. Think of the car salesperson, your real estate agent and marketing executives. They understand what makes a person buy and they go for it. They may also come across as pushy to some.

The Maven is our expert. They know their subject well. I’ll bet you are thinking of someone right now. You know, your go-to person for technology questions or the girlfriend you call when you want to know what is on sale or in my case, the person you call when you need advice, encouragement, and motivation. The Maven can,  however,  get stuck in the information and find themselves unable to market themselves properly.


Lastly, we have the Connector. The Connector tends to know someone on each social level in different fields. Think of my friend Pastor TD Jakes. He is by far one of the best connectors around. His work allows him to interact with spiritual folks, Politicians, Authors and those in Hollywood. He operates in every realm and he is content there. When most leaders are behind the times. Bishop Jakes is having a ball on google hangouts and twitter. Connectors know how to reach people and they enjoy the process of getting to know new people. Connectors have to make sure they have a sales process and product so they can make sense of the connections that they have.


 I am a combination of the Maven and Connector. I absolutely love people and love to see others succeed. I am also there when stuff goes wrong; I’ve got your back. I truly embody the qualities of the Maven. I am a nerd at heart. I love learning so I read everything. Therefore, I know a little about everything. This has allowed me to connect with my clients and students on deeper levels because I tend to understand their jobs, hobbies or interests due to my own background. It may sound crazy but I do research for fun. 

 Understanding your natural attributes will allow you to be a  better leader and more effective communicator.

 Malcolm Gladwell continues to be my favorite author. Each of his books has given me new ways to think and new information to analyze situations. If your work involves sales, marketing, business or working with people you will want to read The Tipping Point. You are sure to have sparks of inspiration while reading that will transform your thinking.

 Wishing You Wisdom and Love,


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