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What Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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So it's just another manic Monday, and of course, you weren't trying to get out of your comfortable bed this morning but you did. It may have taken you awhile to get here, but you made it to the end. The end of your hectic day. This day has been one of the tougher days that leaves you deep in thought. Questioning your decisions and possibly your future.  We've all been there. Logging long nights and early mornings into our business, where instead of it feeling like dream-chasing, it feels like a never ending to-do list.

Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy This Summer

It’s Summertime! So that means vacation and relaxation, but most importantly healthy hair. Healthy hair is the key to beautiful hair. During the summer months, most of us want quick and simple go-to hairstyles, but sometimes we neglect the actual health of our hair. Our hair needs just as much protection as our body does.  Trim Those EndsHaving your ends trimmed is one of the most vital keys to healthy summertime hair. During the fall and winter months, the cold air can dry out your tresses and result in split ends and damage.

The Social Sister: Networking Effectively

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 So we all understand that networking is important. In fact, when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur, that's all you ever hear. Other business owners lending advice, all those self-help books, and the speaker at every conference you attend stresses networking. Some people are just naturally good at it, while some of us are terrified at just the idea of engaging with complete strangers. Whether you enjoy the task or not, networking is a must. How do you expect to meet your future sponsors, mentors, or partners?

Traveling Shoes

I have always loved traveling for as long as I could remember.  As a child, my brother and I would often travel on Amtrak to visit our family down south. Each summer we had all of these mini-adventures while traveling. We would meet people from all over the world and for a few hours, they were family. We would exchange stories, play cards and people watch. As an adult that feeling of discovery has never left me.  A few years ago as I transitioned from a married mom to a single mom, I made myself a promise. I said that I would be single with style.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring April LaLand-Sentmanat

Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN) was created to support women from different walks of life using their stories to affect change. Connecting with April LaLand-Sentmanat was confirmation of just that; we can turn our own storms into something truly divine. That level of selflessness requires a resilient heart, and my sit down with April revealed she had that type of heart.   Melisa: Why have you dedicated your life to uplifting domestic violence survivors?

Five Simple Weight Loss Tips For Busy Women

As businesswomen, our focus is rarely on anything else aside from our goals. When we do get a spare minute we typically want to eat and sleep which doesn’t make for good habits. Unless you are a fitness entrepreneur, those habits can reshape your health and body adding a few extra unwanted pounds on. Summer is here, and there’s no better time than now to get in the best shape you’ve ever been in. Here are a few simple tips to help you achieve the body of your dreams.  You Are What You EatIt all starts with what you put in your body.

Revisiting Your New Year’s Resolutions

We are more than halfway through the year and many of us set big goals to accomplish for 2017. You may have written those goals in your personal journal or maybe you created a vision board, but the question at hand is: are you still on track to accomplishing those goals? Most times a new year brings on new hopes and new aspirations. Maybe you wanted to lose 30 pounds, find a new mate, let go of an old mate, purchase a new home or find inner peace. Whatever your goal may have been, they all require a plan and commitment.

7 Easy Ways to Captivate Your Audience: Public Speaking

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You are standing in the sea of your EMGN sisters at the Winery Tour and Brunch Event and it's your time to share your journey. You know these are your sisters, but you are nervous and stricken with stage fright. You want to share with us all the wonderful things happening in your business and the beautiful ways you have transformed, but you are at a loss for words. 

Grow Your Business From Anywhere

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In this hyperconnected culture, it is no surprise that 22% of America's population works predominately from home. According to globalworkplaceanalytics.com, this is an 115% increase since 2005, and this progression isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Five YouTube Channels That Increases Productivity.

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There are endless reasons we distract ourselves from being truly productive. Anything from chronic perfectionism to not being able to say 'no' can be the difference of a productive week and an okay one.