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3 Ways to Guarantee You Will Not Get a Raise

I know each day you get up early and return home late. Sometimes you even work on the weekend or worse yet reschedule your personal plans to attend a corporate function. You feel as if you are all about your company’s mission. Yet, your paycheck does not reflect your dedication. You have looked on-line and you know what others in your position are earning. So you decided it’s time to have a talk with your boss. But before you have that conversation.

2017 Essence Festival

The 2017 Essence Festival ended  Sunday, July 2nd with Chance the Rapper headlining the mainstage. The four-day long festival was filled with daytime empowerment sessions and nightly concerts. This year marked the 23rd anniversary of the festival. Essence estimated there were over 470,000 attendees this year.

The Social Sister: 3 Strategies to Implement Now

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This is one is to my EMGN sisters who are logging those social media marketing hours but have yet to find that solution to increase traffic, create conversions, and engage with consumers. As we know, social media marketing is not a one size fit all, it is a formula for your brand to be discovered.  Before we get into the strategies, I am compelled to say that social media marketing requires, patience and unwavering belief in your brand.

Secure Financing For Your Small Business

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You are finally at the crossroad of maintaining business as usual or expanding. And of course, as global leaders, you are thinking big.

Get Your Personal Finances in Order

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Granted we will cover business finance in later articles, I really just wanted to touch on personal finance today. There is no way to achieve financial security in business if you don't know what to do with its profit on a personal level. 

Why Content Marketing?

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Before we dive into the bulk of this topic let's define what content marketing is. Content marketing is marketing that is focused on the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a targeted niche. Through content marketing, you draw and convert potential consumers based on shareable and valuable content. Quality content in your promotional campaign is the staple of a successful campaign and how marketing goals are achieved. 

5 Hacks for Mommy Entrepreneurs to Get More Done

So being an entrepreneur is already challenging but adding mommyhood to the mix takes it up a notch. Summer is here and if you are like me you are overjoyed by the idea of waking up just a little later each day.  But of course, the hustle still continues as you now shift gears to summer activities with the kids. As a mom of three active daughters, here are a few tips on how I manage to stay productive each day and get more projects completed.  1. Utilize Uber.Allow your older kids to take an alternative method of transportation to their camp.

7 TED Talks Featuring Women of Color You Must See

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TED Talks are known around the world for their brilliant conference that features a variety of mavericks, icons, and geniuses at their industry that deliver groundbreaking and inspirational speeches. TED Talks has over 7 million YouTube subscribers and over 3 billion views and is trusted and loved by entrepreneurs and global leader around the world.

Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

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 Facebook Ads are used by everyone from big businesses to the independent entrepreneurs and granted using the ads gets your post or event sponsored to be in the faces of millions, a lot of us go about executing our Facebook ads the wrong way. If you are currently utilizing these ads and are not seeing an increase in results, don't fret, you are not alone.

7 Businesses That You Can Start Today

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 So you want your own business but are not sure where to start?  I mean only people with higher education, loads of money, and/or some luck of the draw are ever giving the opportunity to become their own bosses, right?  The truth is there are countless enterprises right under your nose that don't require degrees from reputable colleges or a ton of money.