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EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Brely Evans

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Late nights, early mornings has been my routine for the last few months. And as of lately, I have pondered my end goal. Lucky for me I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to a sister who gave me much need perspective.  I got the luxury to talk with Brely Evans who you may know from films like Sparkle, The Man in 3B, and Just Wright, but is also a fellow sister here Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN). Talking with her restored a lot of the drive I thought dissipated.

3 Marketing Tools That Will Crush Your Competitors

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Today's marketing success is heavily reliant on the power of knowledge.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Global Ambassador Stacey Scott

It's not often that you get to sit down with an EMGN Global Ambassador in her hometown but this past April I had the opportunity to do that. I met Stacey Scott at the local Starbucks in Birmingham, Alabama. Stacey was home visiting her family and working to make more connections for her Tanzania-based business.

How to Locate Your Ideal Client

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 How are you currently finding your ideal client? Do you know who they are?  I have found that many small business owners and entrepreneurs have no idea who they are targeting. They do what I call the free falling approach; big net in a huge body of water. And granted you will receive engagement and conversion, but the rate in which you do will be futile. Why? You will be exhausting high levels of resources for a small ROI.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Terrell Dinkins

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Financial literacy is freedom. That is when you really break the shackles of your ignorance and conditioning. Truth be told, we do possess a bittersweet relationship with our finances; it is our perfect stranger, some get so weighted by this mystery that they refuse to talk about their financial state in fear of stirring up unwanted emotions and truths.  We must re-teach ourselves the subject of money and gain financial literacy. Through that transparency, freedom is found.

Happy Memorial Day 2017

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Happy Memorial Day!   Let's take a moment of silence to indulge in the gratitude we feel for all those who are no longer with us. Those who have laid down their lives to fight the good fight to protect us and our freedoms. These brave men and women never made it home and in their honor, today, we hold our family near and walk in gratitude.  EMGN wanted to give you three things to do with the family around town today!   1. Medieval Times. Thursday through Monday, May 25 through 29.

5 Email Marketing Software You Aren't Using

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As business owners, entrepreneurs, and global leaders, I am certain that email marketing has probably been pitched to you, but you still haven't gotten off the fence about it. Well, I am here to bed some of your concerns. I believe every business owner whether the business is a start-up or fully operational, should consider email marketing solely because email marketing is the most cost-efficient marketing tool. It gives you complete control while allowing you to directly contact your consumers.

EMGN Life Chronicles featuring Tina C. Hines

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When I first found out I was going to be interviewing Tina C. Hines, I felt a deep energy shift within my being. What a beautifully powerful woman. Tina is a life transformation specialist who takes women's emotional wounds and transmutes them into peace and love. Tina’s vision was profound to me, "to inspire women to nurture their inner child and create the life they desire." Coincidentally, I am on that similar journey of self-love, self-care, and self-worth so I was quite eager to pick Tina's brain.

SEO on Purpose

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As entrepreneurs, whether you know it or not, you utilize SEO. SEO simply means search engine optimization and is all about increasing your ranking online. In this technological era of business, when a potential consumer is looking for a service they hop online and usually start with search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find what they are looking for.

The Social Sister: Social Media Laws

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As stated in the last installment of The Social Sister, leveraging the power of social media is the missing link to online traffic and increase in conversion. If you are looking to grow your brand or business, online visibility is crucial. Whether it's showing off business or personal, social media is your consumer's way of connecting with you.