5 Resources to Create a Free Logo

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So every graphic designer will want to kick me when I am done sharing this jewel, and being that I do graphic design, I feel as though I am breaking some unspoken code. Nevertheless, you are my EMGN sisters, and if there are shortcuts out there to help your business expand, I must pass it along. It's a must!  Logos are the most defining piece of branding material you own.

Grow Your Blog Pt. 1

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I had the great pleasure of reading you ladies concern in the EMGN community on Facebook. Business owners from all walks of life coming together as sisters to grow together. The reoccurring theme was the interest of growing your blogs.  Growing your blog is based on strategy and the objective is not only to increase traffic but also to have returning readers.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Lisa Washington

Lisa is one of those rare souls that immediately put you at ease. Always beautiful, elegant and down to earth. Lisa is an Atlanta treasure and we love her at the Eliza Mary Global Network.  Lisa Washington is the creator of B’Tyli Natural Skin Therapies and a top chef.

The Social Sister: Networking Effectively

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 So we all understand that networking is important. In fact, when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur, that's all you ever hear. Other business owners lending advice, all those self-help books, and the speaker at every conference you attend stresses networking. Some people are just naturally good at it, while some of us are terrified at just the idea of engaging with complete strangers. Whether you enjoy the task or not, networking is a must. How do you expect to meet your future sponsors, mentors, or partners?

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring April LaLand-Sentmanat

Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN) was created to support women from different walks of life using their stories to affect change. Connecting with April LaLand-Sentmanat was confirmation of just that; we can turn our own storms into something truly divine. That level of selflessness requires a resilient heart, and my sit down with April revealed she had that type of heart.   Melisa: Why have you dedicated your life to uplifting domestic violence survivors?

7 Easy Ways to Captivate Your Audience: Public Speaking

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You are standing in the sea of your EMGN sisters at the Winery Tour and Brunch Event and it's your time to share your journey. You know these are your sisters, but you are nervous and stricken with stage fright. You want to share with us all the wonderful things happening in your business and the beautiful ways you have transformed, but you are at a loss for words. 

The Social Sister: 3 Strategies to Implement Now

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This is one is to my EMGN sisters who are logging those social media marketing hours but have yet to find that solution to increase traffic, create conversions, and engage with consumers. As we know, social media marketing is not a one size fit all, it is a formula for your brand to be discovered.  Before we get into the strategies, I am compelled to say that social media marketing requires, patience and unwavering belief in your brand.

7 TED Talks Featuring Women of Color You Must See

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TED Talks are known around the world for their brilliant conference that features a variety of mavericks, icons, and geniuses at their industry that deliver groundbreaking and inspirational speeches. TED Talks has over 7 million YouTube subscribers and over 3 billion views and is trusted and loved by entrepreneurs and global leader around the world.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Brely Evans

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Late nights, early mornings has been my routine for the last few months. And as of lately, I have pondered my end goal. Lucky for me I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to a sister who gave me much need perspective.  I got the luxury to talk with Brely Evans who you may know from films like Sparkle, The Man in 3B, and Just Wright, but is also a fellow sister here Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN). Talking with her restored a lot of the drive I thought dissipated.

3 Marketing Tools That Will Crush Your Competitors

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Today's marketing success is heavily reliant on the power of knowledge.