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9 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

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This may be hard to hear, but your email list is slowly depleting right now. As you read this, 2 people have changed jobs, another has decided to utilize a new email for their new business, and those solid leads just use that email to sign up different websites and apps but aren't active. If you have figured by now, business owners are their own marketers, so you have to find ways to constantly cultivate your email list. According to Hubspot,  "Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year*.

Land Your First Major Client

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In your entrepreneurship, you will have a wide variety of clients. Some will be small and simple, others will be bigger and require hard work, but then there will be the clients bigger than your wildest imagination. Of course, you want to close the deal, but are you ready for them if and when they approach you?  How do you land your first major client? First, you want to make sure you know who you are dealing with. Research the client until you completely know their business, strategies, and can predict their future moves.

Dealing With Unhappy Customers

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 No matter how amazing of a job you think you've done for a customer, some still won't be satisfied. You can go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver them a superb service and still receive an earful. That is just a part of doing business. It can get really frustrating because you feel you are chasing an illusion trying to satisfy them, and nothing you seem to do works. At that point, you are probably ready to cut ties and move on.

How To Deal With Difficult Customers

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I have personally been living off my words for 4 years now. And let me tell you, I run into the most interesting customers from all walks of life. I feel like as a sister, I would be doing you a great disservice by not informing you of the flip side after you attract that customer you wanted. I want to give you the complete picture.I know you are elated with your conversion, but you must know how to identify and take proactive measures with your customers. So here are 5  you may encounter and how to deal with them. 

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Lisa Washington

Lisa is one of those rare souls that immediately put you at ease. Always beautiful, elegant and down to earth. Lisa is an Atlanta treasure and we love her at the Eliza Mary Global Network.  Lisa Washington is the creator of B’Tyli Natural Skin Therapies and a top chef.

No Money For Your Start Up? Three Reason That's Not an Excuse.

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It can seem like that start up of yours is unobtainable because you lack the funds to invest in...well, anything. Not everyone has the luxury of having a 1 million dollar loan from their parents for their startup, like our president, but I am here to tell you, that is no excuse.

How to Start A Successful Business

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 Coming to the conclusion of starting your business is a tough yet liberating decision. The freedom is the ability to do your own thing, and that no glass ceiling earning potential is the icing. If you haven't done some serious planning and organizing you have already done yourself a huge disservice. 

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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So it's just another manic Monday, and of course, you weren't trying to get out of your comfortable bed this morning but you did. It may have taken you awhile to get here, but you made it to the end. The end of your hectic day. This day has been one of the tougher days that leaves you deep in thought. Questioning your decisions and possibly your future.  We've all been there. Logging long nights and early mornings into our business, where instead of it feeling like dream-chasing, it feels like a never ending to-do list.

Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy This Summer

It’s Summertime! So that means vacation and relaxation, but most importantly healthy hair. Healthy hair is the key to beautiful hair. During the summer months, most of us want quick and simple go-to hairstyles, but sometimes we neglect the actual health of our hair. Our hair needs just as much protection as our body does.  Trim Those EndsHaving your ends trimmed is one of the most vital keys to healthy summertime hair. During the fall and winter months, the cold air can dry out your tresses and result in split ends and damage.

The Social Sister: Networking Effectively

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 So we all understand that networking is important. In fact, when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur, that's all you ever hear. Other business owners lending advice, all those self-help books, and the speaker at every conference you attend stresses networking. Some people are just naturally good at it, while some of us are terrified at just the idea of engaging with complete strangers. Whether you enjoy the task or not, networking is a must. How do you expect to meet your future sponsors, mentors, or partners?