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EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Terrell Dinkins

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The most important thing about becoming your best self and finding freedom is financial literacy. That is when you really break the shackles of your ignorance and conditioning. Because truth be told, we do possess a bittersweet relationship with our finances; it is our perfect stranger, some get so weighted by this mystery that they refuse to talk about their financial state in fear of stirring up unwanted emotions and truths.   We must reteach ourselves on the subject of money and gain financial literacy. Through that transparency, freedom is found.

5 Email Marketing Software You Aren't Using

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As business owners, entrepreneurs, and global leaders, I am certain that email marketing has probably been pitched to you, but you still haven't gotten off the fence about it. Well, I am here to bed some of your concerns. I believe every business owner whether the business is a start-up or fully operational, should consider email marketing solely because email marketing is the most cost-efficient marketing tool. It gives you complete control while allowing you to directly contact your consumers.

The Social Sister

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So I'm definitely about to 'Sister of the Traveling Pants' you except we'll substitute traveling pants for technological era. Being that I am your sister, I feel a certain obligation to aid your entrepreneurial and business growth. Though I don't have pants to give you, what I do have is the knowledge that I have gained through my years of marketing. This desire to share what I've learned birthed the social sister; which simply are tips, tricks, and updates on why social media and your business goes hand in hand.

5 Must Have Tools for Busy Mommy Authors

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Many authors today have demanding careers outside of their writing as well a family to tend too.  My home is no different.  But just like you I had a goal of completing my book and launch products and I was determined to meet it.  So how did I find the time?  A word of caution is advised before we move on. You are now entering the “No Excuse Zone”.  I live by this motto and everyone in the house understands that we all have goals and we are responsible for making them happen.

Who are you? Lessons from the Tipping Point

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A few years ago I read the book “The Tipping point “by Malcolm Gladwell. It changed my life forever. In this book Malcolm describes the three types of people in the marketplace – the Salesperson, the Connector and the Maven.  Before we go on please allow me a few minutes to describe each of these characters:The Salesperson has the natural ability to sell anything. Think of the car salesperson, your real estate agent and marketing executives. They understand what makes a person buy and they go for it. They may also come across as pushy to some.

7 Keys to identifying a Powerful Network

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We have all heard how important it is to network and engaging in powerful collaboration. But research has shown that women are not excelling at this task like our men counterparts. Yes, many of us are going to events and connecting with others however it is not leading to more prosperous ventures. No worries I’ll share my insights on how to build a network that will propel you into making powerful leaps in your business and personal aspirations. Here are 7 clues that will you evaluate your current networking communities and figure out how to network better.

5 Tips to define the Soul of Your Brand

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I've worked with many marketing coaches over the years and they all delivered on giving me great advice on identifying my bold brand promises for whatever product or service I had at the time. But the one thing that neither of them could source out was the sool of my company.You see before you can jump to identifying your target market, create logos or design your website you must understand the heart and sool of your company or product. Because it's the small things that will ultimately make the difference in who your company is and how it's viewed by the world.