EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Lisa Washington

Lisa is one of those rare souls that immediately put you at ease. Always beautiful, elegant and down to earth. Lisa is an Atlanta treasure and we love her at the Eliza Mary Global Network.  Lisa Washington is the creator of B’Tyli Natural Skin Therapies and a top chef.

Traveling Shoes

I have always loved traveling for as long as I could remember.  As a child, my brother and I would often travel on Amtrak to visit our family down south. Each summer we had all of these mini-adventures while traveling. We would meet people from all over the world and for a few hours, they were family. We would exchange stories, play cards and people watch. As an adult that feeling of discovery has never left me.  A few years ago as I transitioned from a married mom to a single mom, I made myself a promise. I said that I would be single with style.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring April LaLand-Sentmanat

Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN) was created to support women from different walks of life using their stories to affect change. Connecting with April LaLand-Sentmanat was confirmation of just that; we can turn our own storms into something truly divine. That level of selflessness requires a resilient heart, and my sit down with April revealed she had that type of heart.   Melisa: Why have you dedicated your life to uplifting domestic violence survivors?

3 Ways to Guarantee You Will Not Get a Raise

I know each day you get up early and return home late. Sometimes you even work on the weekend or worse yet reschedule your personal plans to attend a corporate function. You feel as if you are all about your company’s mission. Yet, your paycheck does not reflect your dedication. You have looked on-line and you know what others in your position are earning. So you decided it’s time to have a talk with your boss. But before you have that conversation.

5 Hacks for Mommy Entrepreneurs to Get More Done

So being an entrepreneur is already challenging but adding mommyhood to the mix takes it up a notch. Summer is here and if you are like me you are overjoyed by the idea of waking up just a little later each day.  But of course, the hustle still continues as you now shift gears to summer activities with the kids. As a mom of three active daughters, here are a few tips on how I manage to stay productive each day and get more projects completed.  1. Utilize Uber.Allow your older kids to take an alternative method of transportation to their camp.

EMGN Life Chronicles Featuring Global Ambassador Stacey Scott

It's not often that you get to sit down with an EMGN Global Ambassador in her hometown but this past April I had the opportunity to do that. I met Stacey Scott at the local Starbucks in Birmingham, Alabama. Stacey was home visiting her family and working to make more connections for her Tanzania-based business.

5 Must Have Tools for Busy Mommy Authors

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Many authors today have demanding careers outside of their writing as well a family to tend too.  My home is no different.  But just like you I had a goal of completing my book and launch products and I was determined to meet it.  So how did I find the time?  A word of caution is advised before we move on. You are now entering the “No Excuse Zone”.  I live by this motto and everyone in the house understands that we all have goals and we are responsible for making them happen.

Who are you? Lessons from the Tipping Point

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A few years ago I read the book “The Tipping point “by Malcolm Gladwell. It changed my life forever. In this book Malcolm describes the three types of people in the marketplace – the Salesperson, the Connector and the Maven.  Before we go on please allow me a few minutes to describe each of these characters:The Salesperson has the natural ability to sell anything. Think of the car salesperson, your real estate agent and marketing executives. They understand what makes a person buy and they go for it. They may also come across as pushy to some.

7 Keys to identifying a Powerful Network

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We have all heard how important it is to network and engaging in powerful collaboration. But research has shown that women are not excelling at this task like our men counterparts. Yes, many of us are going to events and connecting with others however it is not leading to more prosperous ventures. No worries I’ll share my insights on how to build a network that will propel you into making powerful leaps in your business and personal aspirations. Here are 7 clues that will you evaluate your current networking communities and figure out how to network better.

5 Tips to define the Soul of Your Brand

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I've worked with many marketing coaches over the years and they all delivered on giving me great advice on identifying my bold brand promises for whatever product or service I had at the time. But the one thing that neither of them could source out was the sool of my company.You see before you can jump to identifying your target market, create logos or design your website you must understand the heart and sool of your company or product. Because it's the small things that will ultimately make the difference in who your company is and how it's viewed by the world.