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by Chloe August 31st, 2017 0 comments
So every graphic designer will want to kick me when I am done sharing this jewel, and being that I do graphic design, I feel as though I am breaking some unspoken code. Nevertheless, you are my EMGN sisters, and if there are shortcuts out there to help your business expand, I must pass it along. It's a must! 
Logos are the most defining piece of branding material you own. It's very imperative that you have a strong memorable brand that consumers can easily identify. When you see the bitten apple logo your brain instantly thinks of Apple Inc. You may think in order to get that level of logo you would have to shell out a little more than a pretty penny, but I am here to tell you 5 amazing resources you can use right now to create a free logo.


This site gives you the ability to upload your personal images and elements. Canva has a DIY drag-and-drop feature that is really awesome. They have hundreds of editable templates and customizable elements that create amazing logos in minutes. They give you everything you need to design a professional logo that perfectly represents your business.


Designimo is a site that gives you the option to purchase your high-resolution logo but offers low-resolution files for free. They simplified the process to make it user-friendly, you just enter your business name and they give you samples of possible logos. 
Then search through samples of images using keywords relative to your business and customize. The editing isn't overly advance, but you can do some simple edits and download your logo. 

Free Logo Design

Though the free version offered isn't the highest resolution, Free Logo Design gives you the ability to purchase your high-resolution logo if you so wish. 
The free options allow you to create a beautiful logo with their choices of fonts, shapes, colors, icons, etc. They offer a template that helps you through the design process making the designing easy as pie. 


It is a free service that gives you the ability to choose from thousands of stock icons and hundreds of fonts to customize the perfect logo. You can personalize anything from color to size, and all parts can be rearranged to your liking, giving you complete control. You can save your logo to your computer free of charge.
They also offer premium services where you can be assisted by a professional designer in the designing or redesigning of your logo. 

Logo Type Maker

Now Logo Type Maker is a logo generator. Though it has limited customizable options you can download your logo completely free. The resolution is low, but the power of this site comes from the fact that you can create stunning high-impact logos at no cost. As business owners who double as their own marketer, this is the goal. Having a logo that creates a lasting impression on your demographic. 
Utilize these free services to create the logo your brand needs and the recognition your business deserves. Take the stress off yourself and use these remarkable resources to design stunning and powerful logos that will set your brand apart.
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