9 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

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by Chloe August 19th, 2017 0 comments
This may be hard to hear, but your email list is slowly depleting right now. As you read this, 2 people have changed jobs, another has decided to utilize a new email for their new business, and those solid leads just use that email to sign up different websites and apps but aren't active.
If you have figured by now, business owners are their own marketers, so you have to find ways to constantly cultivate your email list. According to Hubspot, 
"Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year*. So it’s important to have a strategy to make up for these lost contacts."
With numbers like those, you can see the importance and constantly build your email list. Here are 10 easy tips to grow your email list

1) Call-to-Action.

If you have a business page on Facebook, utilize the call to action button. Have the button direct them to a landing page that requires an email address for access. 

2 ) Promote Lead-Gen Offers.

Create a campaign that promotes a free ebook or resource in which requires an email address to receive. 

3) Promote an Offer.

 Utilize your timeline to promote an offer; whether it's a discount on a product or a giveaway, that will require an email to receive the offer. Make sure to include social share buttons on your landing page reminding the customer to share.

4) Host webinar.

Ask for email addresses at registration.

5) Host Events.

Host meetups, conferences, lectures, panels, etc. and at the door have your guest give email addresses.

6) Content.

It is imperative that you create quality content in your email marketing campaigns. This is the difference in getting a share and staying in the spam folder. People are moved by great visuals and verbiage.

7) Online Contest. 

This is where you're allotted to be more creative. It can be a giveaway, tickets to an event or a chance to be shouted out but have all entries give their email. This works well on social media and increases conversions thru hashtags and social media ads.

8) Create multiple targeted email campaigns.

Understanding your demographics will aid in increasing conversions. Because why one customer comes to you is not the reason another comes to you, so find different angles to sell your product and service. Create batches in which you put specific consumers in and send them targeted unique email campaigns.

9) Free.

Come up with a unique free resource that can be marketed online, in order for the customer to receive resource they have to give email in exchange.
There are so many creative ways on how to grow your email list and I suggest you don't settle for one. Remember when you're not growing your list, you're losing potential clients.
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