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by Chloe May 6th, 2017 0 comments

Eliza Mary Global Network is happy to announce that we have launched a new membership portal and are now accepting members to our online portal. This members-only platform allows us to serve the women of EMGN in a more profound way. It will also replace our EMGN Innovators and Trailblazers Facebook group, giving us the opportunity to leverage forums, rich media uploads, a vendor directory and much more.

Prospective members of Eliza Mary Global Network can choose from three levels of engagement:

  • Innovators, a free membership level that gives members access to a directory listing and a subscription to our newsletters.
  • Trailblazers has $27/month access to listing in our directory, a monthly webinar training, our community forum, discounted shopping card, and an invitation to our exclusive. EMGN retreat and global leadership training along with several other opportunities and benefits. This level will also receive newsletters.
  • Global Leaders is our full access membership and the real gem of our network. This premium membership level opens up everything the other two levels offer, plus investor and mentorship training, the opportunity to teach a webinar, to chair the board committee and represent us as a global ambassador. By far, this $49/month membership level provides the most value and allows subscribers to enhance visibility, position themselves exactly where we'd imagine a global leader would be.

The events and community that the Eliza Mary Global Network current associates as accustomed to shall remain unchanged. Each year, we will host the International Women's Day Summit, an annual member retreat, regular regional meetups with new chapters that our paid members are able to start and lead, and virtual events for the convenience of our global member network.

We are inviting all current newsletter subscribers and Facebook group members to be charter members of this enhanced network so they can break ground on what will touch tens of thousands of black, women entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile corporate global leaders. We extend our welcome to you and hope you join the Eliza Mary Global Network and take advantage of our free business listing and other perks by becoming a subscribing member today.

Join the Eliza Mary Global Network at emgnlife.com/membership now!

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Chloe Hughes is the editor at Eliza Mary Global Network, a network that connects women of color entrepreneurs and business leaders globally. She is a Content Creator at signeddch.com who helps her clients color their dreams real through her writing, design, and photography skills. She is a vegan fattie who loves to go hiking with her two dogs, You can connect with Chloe at chloe@emgnlife.com. Learn more about the Eliza Mary Global Network at www.emgnlife.com.