Happy Mother's Day

Signed, DCH
by Chloe May 14th, 2017 0 comments

Happy Mother's Day sisters!

The business of motherhood is all about influence. She is one of the most powerful influences in the foundations of all our lives. She cradles our growth and is the first one to identify our true selves. From concept to creation a mother's job is never done and unlike that 9 to 5 her motivation is the wellness of her child and her compensation is their unconditional love. Mothers are responsible for a lot and sometimes can often feel unappreciated. Eliza Mary Global Network wanted to reach out to our sisterhood and remind our mothers that they are loved, appreciate, and are truly a blessing.


Unapologetically made are you
Inspiration the Universe stole from the heavens.
The blueprints of nature
Toiled to create perfection
And saw that it was good.
Blessed it, packaged and sent it
Upon arrival the angels open up the skies
And all the spirits chant soft lullabies.
For the miracle prize had finally arrived.
Through life’s journey, the divine dotes
And blessed her with a gift to create.
Bravely birthing beings
She gave life and saw that it was good.
She made a covenant with Motherhood.
So sacred the mother-child bond
Because what lived inside of her was soft yet strong.
Two essential elements that breed new life
Her body she sacrifices to pay the ultimate price.
So we ordained a day
Set aside to praise, who she was and what she’d made.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you are a mother or you are celebrating your mother EMGN wants to wish you an amazing day.

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