The Social Sister

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So I'm definitely about to 'Sister of the Traveling Pants' you except we'll substitute traveling pants for technological era. Being that I am your sister, I feel a certain obligation to aid your entrepreneurial and business growth. Though I don't have pants to give you, what I do have is the knowledge that I have gained through my years of marketing. This desire to share what I've learned birthed the social sister; which simply are tips, tricks, and updates on why social media and your business goes hand in hand.

5 Tips to define the Soul of Your Brand

by Melisa Alaba 0 comments
I've worked with many marketing coaches over the years and they all delivered on giving me great advice on identifying my bold brand promises for whatever product or service I had at the time. But the one thing that neither of them could source out was the sool of my company.You see before you can jump to identifying your target market, create logos or design your website you must understand the heart and sool of your company or product. Because it's the small things that will ultimately make the difference in who your company is and how it's viewed by the world.